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We'll protect you against:

schedule Flight Delays
not_interested Flight Cancellations
reorder Schedule Changes

If any of the above happens, we will offer you:

check An alternative method of transportation to your destination or check A full refund on the unused portion of your ticket(s)

Other things we’ll help you with:

Meal & Beverage Compensation
Overnight Hotel Accomodation

If you’re booking a Self-Transfer flight please follow these steps:

1. Let us know when a delay, cancellation or schedule change arises - often times you'll be notified before we will.

2. Respond to our offers within 24 hours (or less if last minute)

3. Don’t make changes with the airlines without our approval

4. Follow the check-in time guidelines set out by each airline on your itinerary. Do not show up late for any flight on your itinerary.

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