Terms & Conditions

By completing a transaction with FlyFar, you have agreed to the following Terms & Conditions listed below:

US Policy: Passports Issued in Middle Eastern & African Countries

Effective Jan 27, 2017

Effective immediately, guests travelling with a passport issued from Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Somalia, Syria, Yemen or Libya are prohibited from entering or transiting the United States for at least 90 days on Immigrant and Non-immigration visas issued in these passports have been revoked.

Please contact your local U.S. Embassy if you require any additional information. All airlines are following suit to adhere to the above new government policy.

US/UK Policy: Devices Banned on Aircrafts

The US and UK have moved to ban electronic devices larger than a mobile phone from cabins on flights from some Middle Eastern and North African countries.

The new security measures will mean that electronic items and devices larger than a mobile phone will be required to be carried in checked luggage only, not in the main cabin in hand luggage. This will apply to (but is not limited to), laptops, tablets, portable DVD players, cameras, e-readers and gaming devices larger than a smartphone.

The policy will come into effect on Friday 24 March 2017 and will impact flights travelling to the United States and the United Kingdom from the following list of countries.

The US policy has banned large electronic devices on flights from the following countries:
Saudi Arabia
United Arab Emirates

The UK’s policy, is slight less restrictive and applies to flights from the following countries:
Saudi Arabia
Emirates, Etihad Airways, British Airways and Qatar Airways have advised us directly that the new policy will be in place on their flights from the affected list of countries into the US and UK.

The new regulations will affect passengers transiting through the listed countries on to destinations in the US or UK and they will need to check in all prohibited devices before departing Australia.

For more information on the UK policy click here.

For more information on the US policy click here.

IMPORTANT: Samsung Note 7 Banned from most Aircrafts

Passengers and flight crews will be banned from bringing Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones on all airline flights under emergency orders issued Friday by both Transport Canada and the U.S. Department of Transportation in response to reports of the phones catching fire.  The phones may not be carried on board or packed in checked bags on flights to and from Canada and the United States or within either country. The phones also can’t be shipped as air cargo.

Passengers with the phones will not be allowed to board planes. And those who try to evade the U.S. ban by packing the phones in checked luggage may be subject to criminal prosecution in addition to fines. Transport officials in both countries warned that carrying the phones in checked luggage increases the potential danger to the flight.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission says there have been nearly 100 reports of batteries in Note 7 phones overheating in the United States.

Special Requests

Customers with special needs should contact the operating airline directly for their seating needs.

Special requests are on request basis and are not guaranteed. The passengers need to contact the airlines directly to reconfirm such requests.

Please be aware that Norwegian Airlines Special Request Policy does not accept Meal Requests within 72 hours of departure.

Check-In Terms

Check-in / Boarding times:

We recommend that passengers allow plenty of time to check-in and obtain their boarding pass for their scheduled flight. FlyFar will not be responsible for those passengers who check-in past the airline cut off times. Failure to meet check-in times may result in denied boarding, the loss of your assigned seat selection, cancellation of your full booking and the entire fare paid being forfeited with no option of re booking. Please reconfirm check-in cut off times with the airline directly as the suggested timings are guidelines only and are subject to change without notice.

Suggested Check in times:

Within Canada – 90 minutes prior to departure

To/From US – 120 minutes prior to departure

To/From International – 180 minutes prior to departure

Credit Card Terms

Credit Card:

You agree to authorize the ticket issuer to charge your credit card number the amount that is shown as the Grand Total.

Appearance of charges on credit cards/Visa Debits:

The amount displayed for an ‘Authorized Transaction’ may be different from what you actually paid, as some merchants require a temporary hold be placed on additional funds. This is a common practice for many other merchants such as: gas stations, restaurants and hotels. The correct amount will display when the transaction is shown as a ‘Posted Transaction’.

A delay may occur between the time a transaction is settled and removed from Authorized Transactions, and when it appears in Posted Transactions.

Some transactions may appear as both an Authorized and a Posted Transaction until settled.

When applying a debit/visa card for payment, and in the event of a cancellation, your funds may be held up to 60days by your financial institution. We strongly recommend an alternative form of payment to avoid any inconveniences.

If you are using a foreign or a third party credit card to make your booking, our Back Office Processing Department may contact you by email or telephone to collect more information. Since FlyFar is a Canadian company, passengers using foreign credit cards may be charged a foreign transaction fee and/or currency conversion fee from their financial institute. Also note, this foreign transaction fee and/or currency conversion fee can apply to Canadian credit card holders, if the booking is made with one of our suppliers based in the US or Europe. We do not take any responsibility for foreign transaction fee and/or currency conversion fee.

FlyFar is a Canadian website that deals with many international vendors. When we display a vendor booking, using another currency, our website will show the equivalent to Canadian dollar amount. The final amount that settles on your account will depend on the exchange rate that your credit card company is using. In addition,FlyFar does not

Confirmation Terms


In some circumstances, your booking will provide you with a confirmation number before a ticket has been issued. The booking process is not complete and the fare is subject to change until a ticket is issued.

FlyFar is not accountable for any bookings that could not be processed due to inaccurate and/or incomplete credit card verification information, or due to other technical malfunction with internal or external pricing or booking systems, including errors by the airline or the airline reservations system, you will be notified by email of such issue(s).

Flight Reconfirmation:

Outbound and return flights must be reconfirmed with the relevant airlines at least 72 hours prior to the commencement of that leg of the journey unless specifically informed otherwise by that airline. We accept no responsibility for bookings cancelled due to non-compliance with rules set by that particular airline. We also take no responsibility for any flight rescheduling en route.

Changes (Cancellation, Name, Schedule) Terms


Most fares are discounted fares which may have cancellation and change penalties. Many of our fares may allow changes by collecting applicable penalties and a fare difference. Most fares can be canceled for a refund or a future time limited travel credit by collecting the applicable penalties and fare differences.

All cancellations must be made prior to the scheduled departure time of the first flight segment. Airport fees, where applicable, are not included and are subject to change without prior notice.

All prices are in Canadian dollars unless otherwise stated. All prices displayed on our website are subject to change prior to ticket issuance. Increased change in pricing quoted at time of booking to time of ticket issuance shall entitle the customer to cancel the booking and obtain a full refund.

Airline Schedule Changes:

If FlyFar.ca is aware of a change; every effort will be made to advise you directly. Please ensure you contact your airline at least 24-48 hours prior to departure and to be safe, again on the day of departure. It will be your responsibility to reconfirm all your flight details before departure. If there has been a last minute change by your Airline directly (within 48 hours) it is no longer the responsibility of FlyFar.ca to notify the you, it is the responsibility of your operating Airline. This is mandated under TICO (The Travel Industry Council of Ontario) and why it is also suggested to reconfirm flights prior to departure. You should always be at the airport 3 hours prior to departure to ensure that you arrive on time for check-in and not miss your flight.

All affected schedule changes imposed by the Airlines will be notified by email. Any minor changes less than 30 minutes or with flight number changes will be automatically accepted on your behalf. Any changes 30 minutes to three hours prior or later from the original departure time(if it conflicts with another confirmed ticket itinerary schedule); passengers will be given an option to modify the flight times within 5 days of receiving the schedule change by email. This modification must be with the same carrier, in the same cabin for first available flight. These modifications can only be performed within the airline’s schedule change rebooking guidelines and cannot be guaranteed. Any voluntary changes are subject to the carrier’s normal change or cancellation penalties.

If not acknowledged within 5 days from the receipt of the email communication, FlyFar.ca will accept it on behalf of the passengers. We cannot guarantee that the airline will allow modification after the ticket has been reissued or revalidated by the airline.

Any major schedule changes beyond three hours from the original departure times; we will send an email notification followed by a phone call to review the affected schedule change. Schedule changes delayed or advanced by 24 hours or more are subject to the next available flight or a full refund. We will not be responsible if the customer fails to enter the correct email and/or phone information at time of reservation.

All schedule changes are mandated by airlines directly. Airlines reserve the right to change, cancel or refund based on adjustments to their flight schedules. FlyFar.ca assumes no responsibility for airline schedule changes, however we will do our best to provide alternate travel options if available.

Package/Charter Schedule Changes:

The Airline reserves the right to change flight times within the same day and to include a stop in the flight, not part of the original itinerary with no option for cancellation or compensation. Please read information below regarding the procedure for ANY CHARTER AIRLINE FLIGHT SCHEDULE CHANGE.

Any flight that departs: 0-59 minutes earlier, no notification will be provided, please check with your local airport.

If FlyFar.ca is aware of a change; every effort will be made to advise you directly. Please ensure you contact your airline at least 24 hours prior to departure and on the day of departure, it will be your responsibility to reconfirm all your flight details before departure. You should always be at the airport 3 hours prior to departure to ensure that you arrive on time for check-in and not miss your flight.

No refund is made for unused travel services or any portion thereof, nor is the price or value of unused travel services exchangeable for alternative arrangements.

Changes to the current booking are subject to the TERMS AND CONDITIONS as per the TOUR OPERATOR/AIRLINE and as stipulated in the brochure or Airline websites.

You are encouraged to purchase the appropriate travel coverage. All purchases, once confirmed are 100% Non-Refundable/Non-Changeable.

Cancellation / Changes:

If you need to change or cancel your travel plans, it is your responsibility to notify us immediately by phone of such a request however, please note that the vast majority of our tickets are automatically issued at the time that the reservation is made and are non-refundable.  Often times, once a ticket is issued there are certain airlines that will not allow changes or cancellations, and for others, fees from both the airline as well as FlyFar will apply.  You should assume all reservations are non-refundable and non-changeable the moment you make the booking.  In addition to any change penalties, you will also be responsible for any difference in price for the new dates selected. Furthermore, each ticket has a minimum and maximum stay validity.  Minimum stays can range from 2 nights to 14 nights and maximum stays can range from 30 days to 12 months, depending on the type of ticket sold.  Changes will not be permitted where the length of the ticket is less than the minimum stay or more than the maximum stay period allotted.  Partially used tickets become 100% non-refundable even if only one segment of the ticket is used.  Tickets can also not be used out of sequence, meaning that if you miss your first flight you can not catch your second flight.  If the first flight is missed, you will forfeit the entire ticket with no option for a refund. As the intermediary, FlyFar is bound to each Airline’s Terms and Conditions and have zero control over their advertised or contracted fare rules.

Security Verification:

When changes or cancellations are requested by a passenger, FlyFar.ca will confirm 2-3 steps to verification which could include: confirming booking confirmation numbers, email addresses, home address, telephone number, credit card on file and/or passenger names. If these steps to verification have been successfully answered by the passenger requesting the change or cancellation, FlyFar.ca will complete the request for the passenger.

Name Changes / Corrections:

If the tickets have been issued‚ please note name changes and corrections are not permitted. Once the tickets have been issued and if permitted by the airline‚ an additional fee will be assessed by FlyFar.ca and the airline directly.

Customers who do not appear or ‘no show’ for their flight will forfeit the entire fare paid. If you arrive at the airport late or are denied boarding you will forfeit the entire fare paid.

Free 24-hr FlyFar Cancellation

Free 24-hr cancellation is indicated at the time of booking and only provided to particular reservations made seven days or more prior to the flights scheduled departure dates. When free 24-hr cancellation is provided, your flight is eligible for cancellation up until 24 hours after the time of booking. When cancelled outside of 24 hours, standard cancellation fees will apply.



FlyFar.ca does not collect taxes for remittance to applicable taxing authorities. The tax recovery charges on prepaid hotel transactions are a recovery of the estimated transaction taxes (e.g. sales and use‚ occupancy‚ room tax‚ excise tax‚ value added tax‚ etc) that FlyFar.ca pays to the hotel supplier in connection with your hotel reservation. The Hotel suppliers remit applicable taxes to the applicable taxing jurisdictions. FlyFar.ca does not act as a co-vendor with the supplier with whom we reserve your travel arrangements. Taxability and the appropriate tax rates vary greatly by location. The actual tax amounts paid to the hotel suppliers may vary from the tax recovery charge amounts‚ depending upon the rates‚ taxability‚ etc. in effect at the time of actual use of the hotel by our customers.



We strongly recommend travel insurance to cover you for cancellation, health, baggage and other losses including out-of-province health insurance, if applicable. For every sale, Flyfar offers the option to purchase travel insurance to cover the customer against any unforeseen circumstances that may occur prior to, during or after your trip. There are different types of insurance policies available and the purchase of insurance is an optional decision to the customer. Insurance policies purchased on FlightNetwork.com will insure passengers up to the sum of $100, $600 or $800 prior to departure, depending on the airline and journey type where applicable. It is the customers’ responsibility to read and familiarize themselves with the travel insurance policy to understand what their purchased travel insurance covers and under what conditions. If the customer wants to make an insurance claim it is their responsibility to contact Flyfar as soon as possible. Unfortunately, cancellations/refunds are not available for the Manulife policy as the live policy is active as soon as the booking is completed. Please contact us if you require more information regarding travel insurance.

Travel to Cuba from USA

When you book or check in for your flight, you will be asked to certify the reason for your visit. There are currently two ways to gain permission to travel to Cuba: with a general license or with a specific license.

If you meet the regulations and conditions of a general license, you will not need to apply for a specific license. There are 13 categories of general licenses related to Cuba travel:

12 permitted purposes include:

– Family visits
– Official government business
– Journalistic activity
– Professional research or meetings
– Educational activities or people-to-people exchanges
– Religious activities
– Sports and public events
– Support for the Cuban people
– Humanitarian projects
– Research
– Informational materials
– Authorized export activities
– Non-immigrant Cuban National

You will not qualify for a general license if the reason for your travel is not listed above, and you will be required to apply for a specific license from the U.S. Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). All license applications are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Please see the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s OFAC FAQ page for more information.

Flexible Tickets

FlyFar’s Flexible Ticket provides customers with the option to change the date on their ticket. The Flexible ticket option can only be added and paid for at the time of booking, and cannot be added after. The Flexible Ticket product once purchased, starts from the time that the booking is made up until 48 hours before the first flight departs. Any changes within 48 hours of the flight are not covered under this option. The Flexible ticket option is per person and will only provide coverage for the person holding the ticket. Flexible tickets cannot be purchased for Infant tickets – Infants are exempt from participating in this booking add-on. The Flexible Ticket option covers the service provider and airlines change fees. If the new date requested has no availability in the same class of service which the original ticket was booked on, the difference in fare will be at the travellers own expense.

See Full Terms & Conditions

Self-Transfer Guarantee

Self-Transfer Guarantee

“Self-transfer guarantee” is an exclusive policy designed to assist those passengers that are impacted by an involuntary schedule change, delay or cancellation of their confirmed flight resulting from factors, which can occur in the standard course of air transportation.  

With the implementation of this policy (Self-transfer guarantee), we can offer our customers the best possible price and service experience in the travel industry. We strive to make your journey as smooth and comfortable as possible.  Upon activation of this policy, in the event of an involuntary schedule change or cancellation, we shall find you a reasonable alternative flight option(s) or other means of transportation to your destination, or a refund of the unused flight portion. All passengers should be in contact with FlyFar and not the airline in order to be covered under this policy.

This policy covers two categories depending on the urgency of your file.

Category 1: ( Where the schedule change takes place more than 48 hours prior to departure)

This option applies ONLY if the schedule change (Flight change, or cancellation) takes place outside of 48 hours prior to the first leg of your confirmed itinerary, which prevents you from reaching your final destination, or your arrival in destination is delayed by more than 24 hours after the original arrival time i.e. you would either miss your connecting flight(s) or your flight(s) is cancelled.

If you become aware of the schedule change under Category 1, you must get in touch with us immediately without delay either by telephone, email or via our online chat platform found on our website. If you fail to contact us in a timely manner, you will not be covered under this guarantee. If we become aware of the change first, under category 1, we will get in touch with you within a reasonable time.  Once we are informed of the change or cancellation either by you or the airline, at our discretion, we will offer you one of the following resolutions:

  • We will find you an alternative transportation to your destination. If we can’t re-protect you with the same carrier, we will offer you an alternative flight(s) or other means of transportation to your destination entirely at our cost.  In case of lack of availability, and no alternative can be offered and once we are in a mutual agreement, you can purchase the similar ticket at the airport in the same cabin class and we will refund you the price difference between the two tickets. Any other extra services or upgrades related to these new tickets will not be covered under this policy.  
  • For all unused portions, we will refund you accordingly. This option will be offered in case we fail to offer you an alternative transportation.

The options will be communicated to you via phone or email. You are obligated to respond to us promptly in ALL cases within the 24 hours of receiving our options.  Once the 24 hour offer period is over, our options becomes null and void and you will not be entitled to our guarantee.

Category 2: ( where the schedule change takes place within 48 hours prior to departure)

This option applies ONLY if the schedule change (Flight change, or cancellation) takes place within 48 hours of departure prior to the first leg of your confirmed itinerary, which prevents you from reaching your final destination, or your arrival in destination is delayed by more than 24 hours after the original arrival time i.e. you would either miss your connecting flight(s) or your flight(s) is cancelled.

If you become aware of the schedule change under Category 2, you must get in touch with us immediately without delay either by telephone, email or via our online chat platform found on our website. If you fail to contact us immediately, you will not be covered under this guarantee. If we become aware of the change first under category 2, we will get in touch with you within a reasonable time.  Once we are informed of the change or cancellation either by you or the airline, we will offer you one of the following resolutions at your discretion:

  • We will find you an alternative transportation to your destination. If we can’t re-protect you with the same carrier, we will offer you an alternative flight(s) or other means of transportation to your destination entirely at our cost.  In case of lack of availability, and/or substantial fare difference and once we are in a mutual agreement, we will refund you the full amount of your original ticket(s) with us. We may offer to cover part of the costs associated with this change upon a mutual agreement on a case by case basis. In rare cases where you miss the connecting flight or the flight cancellation occurs and you are unable to contact us due to time restriction, you may purchase the ticket without prior agreement with us. We will refund you the price of such alternative transportation ticket(s) upto twice the value of the original ticket price of the unused portion to your destination. Any other extra services or upgrades related to these new tickets will not be covered under this policy.  We will only refund you once we are in receipt of the written documentation proof of the alternative transportation and the proof of flight delay or cancellation.

The options will be communicated to you via phone or email. You are obligated to respond to us promptly in ALL cases within the 24 hours of receiving our options or well in advance of the scheduled departure time whichever is earlier.  Once the 24 hour offer period is over, our options becomes null and void and you will not be entitled to our guarantee.

FlyFar Additional services:

These additional services may be applied to category 2 scenarios under our Self-transfer guarantee. These additional services must be prearranged with our Customer care team in order to have a legitimate claim as these are solely offered at our discretion. The costs associated with these services have to be paid upfront by yourself and then claimed after the fact with valid proof ( transaction receipts).  On the basis of such receipts, we will refund the costs upto the amounts listed below.

Overnight Hotel accommodation: 

This option is available to you if you are left stranded at the airport for the night and/or your alternative connecting flight is scheduled 8 or more hours later. This overnight is only covered if you have accepted our option with 8 or more hours of delay. In some cases, you will have to book the hotel room locally and claim a refund of $75 CAD per person up to two nights. If additional nights are required due to lack of availability with the airline for an alternative, it must be mutually arranged in advance with FlyFar.

Alternative Transportation:  

In cases where all the flights are sold out for the same day, we may cover the costs to book you to depart from other airports in the area in order to get you to your destination at the earliest. This has to be prearranged with FlyFar. The alternative methods can also be a train, coach bus or a taxi and will apply to all the passengers booked on the same reservation. The maximum claim limit for this is $150 CAD; inclusive of all passengers.

Meal and Beverage compensation:  

This is covered only if your flight connection is delayed by more than 4 hours. In such cases, we will cover upto $15 CAD per person booked on the itinerary.

Multiple destination routes:  

If the itinerary is impacted in a way, where the remaining segments on the same ticket are all impacted and we are unable to find a suitable alternative and the ticket is fully unused, then a refund for all flights on that ticket can be applied.

Communication and notices:

Once we provide you with alternative options, your response is required within 48 hours the latest in exceptional cases. If the 48 hour window has passed, the offer becomes null and void and is no longer covered under this guarantee.

***If you are offered the above mentioned alternatives by the airline(s) directly or at the airport, we cannot be held responsible for any further compensation or reimbursement. ***

Late Check-in’s / No Shows

FlyFar is not responsible for any late check-ins that occur due to non-compliance with individual airline check-in guidelines for any segments within the confirmed itinerary.

Connecting times for each segment of your flight should be taken very seriously. This should always be top of mind, especially when you may need to collect and re-check bags with a new airline.

If FlyFar determines (based on the information provided by the operating carriers/booking systems) that the passenger has had sufficient connecting time (even after a delayed arrival), the self-transfer guarantee will not apply. Any related costs will become the passenger’s responsibility in any such cases.

Meals and Other Onboard Services

Many carriers are no longer providing meals and other services ( ex. headsets, drinks) free of cost while onboard. It’s the passenger’s responsibility to inquire about this information prior to purchase and make an informed decision about their travel purchase. Flight Network will not be responsible to cover any costs related to the onboard services provided by the carriers.

STPC Charges - Kuwait Airport

Please be informed as per Kuwait DGCA requirements, any passengers who’s transit time exceeds more than 08 hours at Kuwait airport will require to stay at the Safir Airport Hotel which is located inside the airport premises. The passengers will have to cover the cost of this hotel accommodation on their own. Our agents will quote you the fare once requested.

Travel Advisories

Before purchasing a trip with us, please ensure that you’ve checked your destination for any travel advisories that may affect your choice to purchase. Click here for information on travel advisories.

Loyalty Program & Gift Card Terms

Frequent Flyer Programs:

Almost all of our Airfares allow accumulation of frequent flyer miles. You enter your frequent flyer program and number in our booking process. Your frequent flyer information is sent to the airline once your ticket is issued.

Gift Cards:

Not applicable on Transat Holidays and Nolitours bookings. This is a limited time offer and may be withdrawn without prior notice.

Passport Terms

Information on entry requirements to your destination can be found using the information below. If you have questions or are unsure of the documentation needed to travel, please contact us prior to booking your trip. A list of worldwide numbers can be found here.

Entry to another country may be refused even if the required information and travel documents are complete as travel documentation is subject to change.  As well, living standards and practices at the destination and the standards and conditions there with respect to the provision of utilities, services and accommodation may differ from those found in Canada.

€5 fee to travel in Schengen zone

Travellers from countries that currently enjoy visa-free travel throughout Europe’s passport-free Schengen zone face having to apply for a document similar to the US ESTA system, as the EU beefs up security checks.

The European Travel Information and Authorisation System (ETIAS), which could apply to a post-Brexit Britain, will see visitors from 60 ‘visa-waiver’ countries including the US, Canada and Australia having to pay a €5 application fee for the travel document.

The authorization, which the European Commission said will take no longer than 10 minutes and described as a “lighter more visitor-friendly regime” than a visa, will be valid for five years and for multiple trips. It will only apply to those 18 and over.

Nationals of the visa-free countries will still be able to travel without one but must obtain the authorization prior to travel in the Schengen Area.

Passports/Visas/Health Requirements:

Please note that many countries require that your passport be valid for a period of (a minimum) of six months beyond your return date. You should ensure that you meet the passport, visa, affidavit, return/onward ticket, health and other requirements of the countries you wish to visit and those that you transit (even if it is for a plane change). We accept no responsibility if you should be denied boarding or deported for any reason, including your age.

Please check the documentation and/or inoculations needed for your destination(s).

For further questions regarding travel documentation please contact FlyFar directly. Our office is open 24/7 for your convenience.

Obtaining passports and visas may require lengthy processing times and entry to another country may be refused even if your required information and travel documents are complete. We accept no responsibility if you should be denied boarding or deported for any reason including your age. You, the customer must be eighteen years of age (please note the restrictions below with respect to children travelling alone to Europe). If you are purchasing travel services for a customer that is not the age of majority in the applicable jurisdiction you must contact our call centre to arrange the purchase. Our contact details can be found on the right side of this page.

Australian Visa:

If you’ve made a reservation with FlyFar, traveling to Australia, you will likely need a Visa. The type of Visa depends on your circumstances (I.e. length of stay, purpose of visit etc.). Please click here to find out what type of Australian Visa you’ll need for your trip.

India E-Tourist Visa for International Travelers:

Visit https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/visa/tvoa.html to get more information on tourist visas to India and to submit your online applications.

Indian Passport Holders:

Please ensure that you hold the proper documentation when your itinerary has a connection via USA. You MUST hold a ‘multiple-entry visa’. If proper documentation is not provided at the time of check-in, the airline reserves the right to deny boarding and the entire ticket cost will be forfeited.

European Union Passports:

Passengers travelling to Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland require a passport that must be valid for at least three (3) months beyond the expected date of return. Passengers without valid travel documents will be refused boarding or entry into the destination country.

Other countries have similar requirements. For all destinations, it is the responsibility of passengers to ensure that they possess the necessary travel documents.

Entry Requirements For United States:

The department of Homeland Security of the United States of America has introduced new laws effective January 23, 2007 governing the entry requirements to the United States by air. These new laws include mandatory passports for all travelers including Canadian and American citizens. Please ensure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months past your desired return date to ensure that there are not any delays in regards to US Immigration. Please take the time to review the website link for the Department of Homeland Security at: https://www.dhs.gov/how-do-i/cross-us-borders For additional information on Canada – U.S. border regulations, please refer to the Canada Border Services Agency website at: https://www.cbsa-asfc.gc.ca/ If you have any questions about this, please do contact us and we will explain this further for you.

For Travel to the following countries, Passports must be:

Valid at least 1 month beyond your return date Valid at least 3 months beyond your return date Valid at least 6 months beyond your return date
Cayman Islands Aruba Barbados
Colombia Italy Belize
Cuba Portugal Brazil
Jamaica Spain Greece
Mexico Costa Rica Haiti
Trinidad & Tobago Germany Honduras
UK France India
USA Israel
Margarita Island
Saint Kitts and Nevis
San Andres
Turks and Caicos

Unaccompanied Minors Terms

Unaccompanied minors:

It is the customer’s responsibility to read and familiarize themselves in regards to children travelling unaccompanied without an adult over the age of 18 years. Please verify the unaccompanied minor rules and restrictions with the operating airline(s) prior to confirming your booking online. The specific unaccompanied minor service requirements vary from one airline to another. If you fail to meet these requirements, children will be denied boarding and will forfeit the entire fare paid. Please note that flights booked may be code share with other airlines therefore the operating carrier’s rules and regulations will apply.

FlyFar will not be held responsible for any fees or passengers denied boarding due to the non compliance of the airlines rules and regulations regarding unaccompanied minors.

Travelling to the UK via Air Transat (TS), Thomas Cook (TCX) and MY Travel Airways (MYT).

Please note that the following restrictions have been put in place as of April 27, 2007 in regards to children travelling alone into Europe:

For Air Transat Flights – Children will be accepted between the ages of 5 and 11 years of age For Thomas Cook Flights – Children will be accepted only above the age of 16. For My Travel Airways Flights – Children will be accepted only above the age of 16.

Lost Ticket Terms

Lost Tickets:

If you lose your tickets, it may be possible to re-issue them for a fee. The amount payable will depend on the circumstances of the loss and how close to the travel date you discover it. However, not all tickets can be re-issued; which is another good reason for ensuring you have sufficient insurance cover. Tickets will be dispatched to you in accordance with your instructions and we accept no responsibility for their delivery.

Children and Travel (entry/exit to South Africa)

Children and Travel

As of October 1, 2014, parents travelling with children will be asked to produce the child’s unabridged (long form) birth certificate and a consent letter (if the child is travelling with only one parent). Other requirements may apply to unaccompanied children. Contact the High Commission of South Africa before travelling. Please consult the Government of Canada here for more information.

Travel to Venezuela

Travel to Venezuela

As of March 6, 2015, Venezuela (VE) has imposed a visa requirement for all U.S. citizens traveling to VE. All customers in possession of a U.S. passport traveling to VE are required to obtain a visa for air travel to Venezuela, including those born in VE.

Canada’s New Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) - MANDATORY: Nov 10, 2016

Effective November 10, 2016, visa-exempt foreign nationals must obtain an eTA before they can board a flight to Canada. To complete their application for an eTA, customers will need a valid passport, a credit card and an email address. An eTA costs $7 CAD and is valid for up to five years or until your passport expires (whichever comes first).

*Visa-exempt foreign nationals are persons who are not citizens of Canada and are not required to obtain a visa for the purpose of travel based on their country of nationality.

Please refer to https://www.cic.gc.ca/english/visit/visas.asp. This eTA is required to be obtained prior to boarding.

Cartagena (Colombian Entry Tax)

Cartagena (Colombian Entry Tax)

All Canadians are required to pay the new “Reciprocity Fee” of approximately 171,000 Pesos ($72 CAD) upon entry at either airports or seaports in Colombia. The fee is for single entry of individuals between the ages of 14 and 79. The payment can only be made in Colombian Pesos, US Dollars or via credit card. The fee does not guarantee entry to Colombia and won’t be reimbursed.

Seat Selection

Seat Selection:

Not all economy class tickets offer free seat selection. Some seats can be selected free of cost during online check-in within 24 hours of departure time and some seats require a fee to be paid to the airline. Each airline has a different policy on seat selection. Please verify this information prior to purchase. Seat selection requests at time of booking are not guaranteed and are non-refundable. The airline has full rights to amend any seat selection without prior notice. If a voluntary change is made to a booking, any previously purchased seat selections are not guaranteed to be transferred to new flights. If a flight booking is voluntarily canceled, seat selection requests are non-refundable. FlyFar charges a nominal service charge to select seats for your booking, you will be notified of the amount at time of purchase.

Baggage Allowance and Restrictions

Baggage Allowance and Restrictions:

Baggage fees are not included in the cost of your ticket unless permitted by the airline. Baggage allowance varies from airline to airline and can also vary based on the class of service purchased (I.e. not all economy class tickets offer free baggage allowance). Some airlines charge additional fees for both; check-in and carry-on baggage. Some airlines charge additional fees for adding baggage to the reservation at the airport or after you’ve completed your purchase online. We strongly suggest that baggage is added in advance for such carriers. Moreover; it is the passengers responsibility to check any baggage rules with the airline before making a purchase on our website as FlyFar has zero control over the airline’s ever-changing baggage policies. If you are not sure about a baggage policy, please contact FlyFar prior to booking in order to verify the specific airlines details. FlyFar charges a nominal service charge to add baggage to your booking, you will be notified of the amount at time of purchase.

During the booking process, we will only display Economy, Premium Economy, Business or First Class of service types. Many airlines offer branded fare options within these four classes of service (For example: Basic Economy or Flex Economy). We may display a fare as Economy Class even though it is Basic Economy. Since our website is not able to accommodate these branded fare types, we will only list the main classes of service during the purchase process. If you are unsure of the branded fare type within your class of service, please contact us prior to completing your booking so that we can validate the full baggage terms for you.

There is a rare chance that your ticket may involve two carriers that do not have ticketing agreements with one another. This means that your baggage will not be checked through to your final destination. In such cases, you will need to collect your baggage and recheck in and this may result in additional baggage charges. Please verify the minimum connection time and baggage information with the airlines directly before your departure. Airlines that do not have ticketing agreements are usually labeled on the FlyFar website as ‘Self-Transfer’ fares. Any baggage purchased at the time of booking is 100% non-refundable.

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Trip Cancellation Protection

Trip Cancellation Protection:

This program covers the non-refundable portion of the ticket and extras such as baggage costs and set costs, only when these extras have been booked at the time of purchase with Flight Network. Trip Cancellation Protection is not an insurance product. Unfortunately, cancellations/refunds are not available for Trip Cancellation as soon as the booking is completed.

Baggage Loss Protection

In the event that the airline loses your baggage, this program covers the amount disclosed during the checkout process (per passenger) in addition to any compensation received from the airline or private insurance company. Baggage Loss Protection is not an insurance product.

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Use of Site

You may only use this site to make legitimate inquiries or registration and shall not use this site to make any speculative, false or fraudulent statement in anticipation of collection information not generally available to the travel trade.

Online Fare Reservations, Misprints, and Product Availability

In the event that more than one set of conditions apply to the same trip then the most restrictive conditions of both sets apply to the entire journey. While it is possible to make bookings electronically for some of the travel services, the act of reserving a product electronically does not imply a final confirmation or commitment by FlyFar to actually deliver the product reserved at the prices indicated. FlyFar, endeavors to provide current and accurate information on its website, however any misprints or errors may occur. Accordingly FlyFar, reserves the right to change the prices, fees, charges regarding the goods and services available on its website at any time and from time to time without any notice or liability to the user or any other person. Also, FlyFar, cannot guarantee that goods and services advertised on the website may be available when ordered or thereafter FlyFar reserves the right at any time to reject, amend, cancel or terminate any order without prior notification. A final confirmation is only given by FlyFar once the company has issued the airline tickets, a final invoice and delivered travel documents for the product reserved. Terms and conditions of the confirmation and sale will vary depending on the product reserved and are generally set out in the company’s website or other notices issued from time to time.

OB Ticketing Fees

The Airline ticketing fees, also called OB Fees, are mandatory fees defined and collected by particular Airlines.
The fee is charged to each passenger when a ticket is issued in International markets (at first ticket issuance only).
These fees are imposed by the airline on certain routes to cover costs for a specific Form of Payment (credit card) or for other ticketing services.
Airline ticketing fees are non-refundable and are collected at time of ticket issuance. Depending on the airline, you may see this as a separate additional charge on your statement or as a single consolidated amount.

FlyFar Booking Fees

FlyFar will often times charge a booking fee on flights to a particular destination. This fee is lumped into the total cost of your booking. By agreeing to the total purchase price of the ticket, you have also agreed to the FlyFar booking fee. This fee is charged by FlyFar (not the airline) in CAD.